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Customer Preparation

  1. It is helpful for client to have a basic idea of what their website will look like (eg. Color, font type and styles)
  2. Client should prepare a softcopy of the company profile and pictures of their product.
  3. Client should surf the Internet to get ideas for their website.
  4. Keep the address of the webpage and forward to us as our guide.

Terms & Condition

  1. Warranty period for website is for 1 month from invoice date.
  2. Warranty is for web design only.
  3. Warranty covers broken link or design problem.
  4. During warranty period, minor modification can be done to client website for free as goodwill.
  5. Minor modification refers to text alteration only.
  6. Additional cost may be chargeable for adjustment work on any Flash or graphics work.
  7. Client's web hosting or provider is responsible for network and domain account.
  8. Any server downtime or connection problem with client's web sites should be reported directly to client's web hosting for support.
  9. Please report to  web hosting for support on network and domain problem (e.g. any server downtime or connection problem with web sites).